Golden Tips on Choosing the Best Villa in Langkawi

Blue seas, white sands, peaceful beaches, and luxurious langkawi villas: As one of Malaysia’s most popular destinations, Langkawi is home to excellent fare and thrilling attractions. The “Island of Legends” boasts a variety of breathtakingly delightful holiday villas. Visitors are always spoilt for choice.

When you are planning on booking a villa — whether you are on holiday as a couple or a family — searching through all the options can be an overwhelming task. But before you make the booking, take a deep breath. Choosing the best villa in Langkawi is all about knowing what is “best” for you. With a little help, the process can be fun and exciting.

Location is the key when choosing the best villa in Langkawi

If being at the center is not your top priority, the hideaway and fringe areas can be of great value. You should consider a hidden villa near a forest, surrounded by beautiful nature and shaded away from the morning sun. If you are looking for a quiet place but still want to enjoy the panoramic views of the magnificent ocean, you can choose a villa location that offers the perfect balance between a hidden getaway but not completely cut off from the incredible experiences of Langkawi. You can consult the local experts to review all your options.


Focus on your group – who are you going with?

No one is an island! Even in the peaceful islands and luxurious villas, you need to know the needs of your group to ensure that the perfect balance is achieved. With family, you will want to spend quality time together but have the personal space to relax without meeting each other at all times. For couples, you will want to avoid the shared pools and choose a villa that affords maximum privacy. With friends, you will want to experience the shared luxury. Think about what each member wants as you make your choice.

Check Recent Reviews

hgdhgsdds67hj4You don’t have to completely trust the floral descriptions on websites and brochures when choosing the best villa in Langkawi. The descriptions will always be elegant, attractive and grandiose. However, you can visit review sites to see what people have to say about your potential villa. You might see old pictures in brochures showing that a villa is modern, but reviews state otherwise. Only trust the recent reviews. Deterioration can occur quite quickly. While it may seem like a lot of work searching for recent reviews, it’s is always worth listening to the people.