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6 Tips for Maintaining Your Vacuum Cleaner at Top Performance

Vacuum cleaner is a household tool that has changed our lives.It is an important tool used for cleaning the house. It is important to select a model that will ensure a long lasting service. But we must maintain them well to maximize their life span. Here are tips to do so

1. Use Your Vacuum Properlyfczfcafaccf

There are two types of vacuum cleaners namely canister vacuum and upright vacuum cleaners.To maintain them one should know there differences. An upright vacuum cleaner works with a motor, and a fan that serves to pull dirt from surfaces and canister vacuum cleaner is used for heavy cleaning, but they work in a similar way.

The vacuum cleaner is our best friend in cleaning but when we spill things like pasta remove the maximum element before vacuuming.If you have broken object porcelain, a glass or earthenware pick the large pieces before vacuuming by doing so you may puncture your vacuum or damage it.

2. Change The Bag Or Empty The Tank

There are vacuumed which have bags, and others are bagless. The bag should be replaced when it is full. Do not wait for it to be full as there is the LED which indicates the status of the bank. Empty your tank after each use if you vacuum is bagless.

3. Maintain Filters

You should check your filters once amount as they are the vacuums lungs. Vacuum parts need periodical cleaning.Cleaning the recent vacuum is simple, just pass the filter under water for cleaning. On other models, filters should be changed or brushed.Filters need to be changed or be removed for new filters once a while depending on the use.

4. Clean The Brush

fcafcfcxafClean properly the different parts in the vacuum cleaner. Schedule the days in which the vacuum needs to be maintained to avoid having loose parts.You should clean your brush properly. This is done by removing the largest hand them pull the handle of the vacuum cleaner.

5. Ensure You Have A Proper Airflow

Airflow is the life blood of a vacuum cleaner, without it, it won’t clean up anything or suck. A clogged vacuum will damage the mother and other parts.The vacuums come with a manual that indicate suggestions on the time to give maintenance to your machine. Try to find the maintenance tips on the internet if you vacuum doesn’t have a booklet you can see the basic guidance to operate the machine.Most manufacturers offer online help and the vacuum filters and parts for sale.