How To Use A Heißluftfritteuse Or Fryer Without Oil

The development of new fryers has no doubt revolutionized the cooking process. Many families can now prepare most of their meals with minimum fat content. The Heißluftfritteuse has brought several benefits to households today. Such benefits include healthier and tasty food, versatility, cost saving, and ease of handling and cleaning the appliance. However, for you to achieve all these paybacks, you have to know how to operate your Heißluftfritteuse. You can mehr dazu im Test of hot air fryers.

You can reach an optimum frying result by observing the following procedures of using you fryer:

Great tips

Ensure you shake your food well

kkkkjjjkjkjkBefore you prepare a meal, you have to squeeze it into the Heißluftfritteuse. During the process of pressing, make sure you shake it properly. It helps in preparing meals, particularly the small ones such as fries that are likely to stick together fast. You should stir your food after every five to ten minutes to receive best results.

Do not overfill your Heißluftfritteuse

The second important thing you have to bear in mind is the space inside your Heißluftfritteuse. You should avoid overloading it with food. Instead, allow enough space to remain inside so that hot air can flow optimally. When cooking meals such as special snacks, putting smaller amounts can make you reach the most delicious and crispy taste.


The next procedure you need to apply is refining. Ensure you use a little oil with spray, brush or flavor. You can decide to use a peanut oil or garlic, particularly when preparing your delicious homemade chips. Improving you Heißluftfritteuse may take some time, but doing so can assist you to make the flavor you desire in your chips. Every time you enhance the performance of your Heißluftfritteuse, you will experience better results.

Let your Heißluftfritteuse dry

For even better meals, make sure you let you Heißluftfritteuse dry up after cleaning before cooking in it again. Make sure you empty any fatty foods in the drip tray frequently to prevent smoke. Chicken wings are rich in fat and can mess up your Heißluftfritteuse if not washed. Moreover, keeping hygiene in your fryer is the sure way of having sustainable, healthy meals.

Learn all styles of cooking

kkkmmmmmnnnSince fryers are masters of all cooking methods, you should use it for all your cooking needs. Know that you can apply it for baking, roasting, frying, and grilling of your foods. You can roast your meat or fry your chips. You can use your Heißluftfritteuse to bake cakes and bread or grill your favorite fish. Whichever is the choice, the desired result depends on how well you can follow the recipe.