Top Favorite Coffee Recipes Aimed to Please Everyone

If you would like to ‘wow’ your guests with a nice delicious serving of their favorite coffee drink, then you need to read this article. It’s not about the fancy names or titles, but all about the flavor and refreshing taste of coffee-based drinks that make them so appealing. In addition to the tastes, you can also count on the appearance of the froth and milk to give your drinks a finished look.

Most popular recipes

gghsdsdsd3434Here are most popular coffee drinks that most people will agree are awesome. Remember that your favorite coffee will vary based on the following ingredients; the bean, the grind, water used, and the temperature of the brew. There is a proper method for brewing that perfect cup for your recipes. We will cover them shortly.

Here are the boil-down versions of the most popular recipes.

The Cappuccino Favorite Coffee Recipe

Cappuccinos are one of my favorites, and you must have tried one yourself at one time or another. This recipe is made up of half steamed and frothed milk with an espresso shot. After the milk is placed on top of the shot, you top it off with a dusting of either nutmeg or cocoa powder.

The Cafe Mocha

If you are a chocolate lover, then this is your drink. The simplest way to describe this recipe is a blend of coffee with hot chocolate. Again you will mix the hot chocolate with a shot of coffee. Then you top that with steamed and frothed milk. Finally, you will top it off with cocoa powder.

The Latte

Lattes uses foam and steam milk as half of the drink. The trick with Lattes is that you need to add the milk slowly down the side of the cup. This enables the milk to mix properly with the shot of coffee. Remember, the ratio of it to milk is one to one. The real difference between a Latte and a Cappuccino is the way it’s presented. The Latte combines the two together, while the Cappuccino keeps them separated.


The Espresso

Espresso is a rich and full-bodied beverage. However, if you have even encountered a bad serving of espresso, it could be for the following reasons. If the wrong coffee is used to brew espresso, the taste will be awful.

The best type of bean would be Kona Coffee. Try to use a Kona Blend when making espresso. It will be delightful. Espresso is served straight black. It’s important to have the cup warm when it’s being served.

These are the top three recipes that are most popular. You can read more about how to recreate those other favorites online. Now you know that entertaining guests will be easier with these simple yet warming beverages.