Tree Problems: Why Trees Need Care?

Pest should stay where they belong, and that is outside our homesteads. Pest has been an issue to a human being ever since civilization began. In ancient civilization, the problem of pests mostly affected crops. Pest brought unimaginable distraction to crops. To date, pests are an issue not only inside the house but also to plants and trees. Who new pests on trees will be a problem? One Two Tree Exterminators are know to effectively exterminate the pests and diseases that affect the trees. Termites and beetles have led to the death of trees. With our economy and climate trees are vital and need to be protected.

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Tree Exterminators

kllllllssddTree exterminators are professionals who deal with a lot of issues concerning trees. They deal with pests as well as tree diseases. With pests, they offer pest control services to keep pest at bay. Tree exterminators also have formulations to cure tree diseases. The tree exterminators can also do other works like tree removal in case of serious problems.

Tree Problems

Most people fail to notice this. In fact, most people don’t know about tree problems. Trees have problems, a lot of challenges. They are vulnerable to diseases and pests. They are also susceptible to drought-related issues as well. They can be affected by wilt or canopy die back. The most common problems that call for immediate attention are pests and tree diseases.

  • Pests: Pests on trees are mostly insects. The most common pests that threaten the life of trees are beetles mites and termites. Termites can eat up a tree and lead to its death. Other insects are hemlock wooly adelgid and spider mites among others.
  • Tree diseases: Most trees usually the victim of diseases such as iron chlorosis, anthracnose, and Dutch elm diseases. Some of these diseases can be identified easily, so you know when to look for help. Anthracnose and iron chlorosis will usually affect the leaves. When you sport a change in the leaves of trees, then you should suspect a tree disease.

Solution to Tree Problems

nmmmmkkLike any other problems, tree problems can be solved. A problem like a pest requires pest extermination. Pest extermination on trees will require the use of chemicals in most cases. The chemicals can either be applied on soil or directly sprayed on affected parts. The new technology to pest control on trees entails injections. The injection has proven to be efficient and eco-friendly as compared to spraying pesticides. Tree removal is usually necessary in the case of severe damage done by either pests or disease. If the damage is beyond control, the tree exterminators will advise for tree removal.

The benefits of trees to the environment are vast. Economically, trees are also a good source of earning income. Most people know trees to be a surviving plant such that they do not notice tree problems. It is important to know that trees, just like other plants need our constant care. You should consider hiring tree exterminator before a problem is imminent.