Services Offered By Excavation Contractors

In the world of construction, excavation contractors are among the most valued people. This is due to the nature of their work. While many think that an excavation contractor will only haul dirt around, they do many other services. Get to their Affordable Land Services website and learn more about what they can offer. Therefore, you should not limit their work as simply removal of soil from a site. Here are the top services that you can get from an excavation contractor.

Top services offered by excavation contractors

Site preparationasdcawedfc

One of the primary duties of an excavation contractor is to prepare a site. Soon after the surveyor finishes his/her work, the excavation contractor will then move in to prepare the site. In doing so, the excavation contractor will remove the soil as required for the foundation of the house.

During this service, the contractor will ensure that the soil is firm by conducting compaction tests. The precision in digging only require high-tech equipment that only an excavation contractor can have.

Moving dirt around

Another service offered by excavation contractors is moving dirt around. Moving dirt is not just limited to a construction site. An excavation contractor can remove dirt to build roads, dig sewers, and remove dirt from water lines among many other projects.

This kind of work is good with an excavation contractor due to the equipment they own. Moving dirt requires large machines always owned by excavation contractors. Therefore, they can work on a range of projects that require one to move dirt.

Leasing heavy equipment and operators

Buying and maintaining excavation equipment is very expensive. Furthermore, there is also the cost of insuring the equipment. This discourages small-sized excavation contractors from buying the equipment. Therefore, an excavation contractor with this equipment can lease it to people.

Leasing of excavation equipment is a service offered by excavation contractors with large machinery. In most cases, the excavation contractors will use their employees to run the leased equipment due to the technicalities of using the equipment.


Another important service offered by excavation contractors is contracting. Usually, an excavation contractor is part of a bigger project. For example, you may hire an excavator contractor to dig a swimming pool. However, this job needs other professionals to make it complete.

An experienced excavation contractor will help the owner of the project to high other contractors to finish the work. Therefore, one only needs an excavation contractor to help in getting the whole job done. The excavation contractor will work within the budget provided to get other qualified professionals to finish the project.